Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Wikipedia a VoIP info lover's friend

I’m addicted to Wikipedia. If Wikipedia could talk and move, I think I would reserve it a seat at every dinner outing. I’m not the only one addicted to Wikipedia. Hundreds upon thousands of people use it as a reference for there info needs, especially tech/VoIP folks. There are countless spin-offs of Wikipedia to go along. Developers are often putting the Wiki's into their sites or forums. Why do I and others love Wikipedia so much? I think it’s because of the excessive hyper-search results on the internet. If you search for something like VoIP in Google for instance, you get a bunch of companies, weblogs, news, sponsored links, government links, directories, and of course a link to wikipedia. Wheww that’s a lot of different kinds of content. Wikipedia tends to cut the confusion and get right to the info. It’s highly monitored, and has no spam tolerance. Try editing a page and you’ll know what I’m talking about. If you don’t author an article that’s exactly the way Wikipedia wants it, then it’ll be marked in the code, and subsequently deleted soon after if you don’t argue your case (often they delete your article even if you do plead your case).

The best thing you can do in Wikipedia is follow there guidelines carefully. Entries can’t be written like an advertisement (i.e pushing/promoting a company, not mentioning competitors). However, Companies do show up on Wikipedia. Getting a company into Wikipedia is an art form in itself. Use a lot of reference and citations if you have any. This will increase your chances of success because Wikipedia entries are supposed to be written in an encyclopedic manner. Pay attention to your Wiki talk tab/section. If a moderator doesn’t like what you’ve written, they will talk to you in this section. Often you have to put a{{hang on}} tag in the code in order to talk to the moderator before an entry is deleted. Putting too many external links up on Wikipedia is considered spamming. Figuring out how to write good articles on Wikipedia is worth it, and will show up in top search engine results.

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