Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Michigan VoIP the Mystery of VoIP Suppliers Keyword Searches

I’ve often been perplexed as to the reason why Michigan VoIP is so highly ranked (13 on my Wordtracker {KEI analysis= most searched/least competitive Search Engine Optimization} (SEO) keywords. Recently, I stumbled upon Tom Keating’s Michigan VoIP blog entry from his VoIP & Gadgets Blog. Tom used Overture for his research and came up with similar results, finding Michigan VoIP as number 20 on his VoIP related keywords lists. It even beat out VoIP traffic and Asterisk VoIP # 21 and 22 respectively, according to Tom. Maybe people want a local VoIP provider? But why isn’t any other local VoIP term found on our VoIP Service Keyword lists? Keating says that there are countless foreign immigrants who live in Michigan who may want to call home utilizing the cost benefits of VoIP suppliers. There are more than 160,000 Hispanics in Michigan according to Tom’s research of a 1990 census. Also more than 150,000 of Greek decent and more than 100,000 of Arab decent. The question is, why aren’t mosaic melting pot cites like New York City or Los Angeles showing up under VoIP suppliers then?

I couldn’t dig up anything but an interesting reply to Tom’s blog by username Alex brought in some new insights

  1. Someone asked in a blog why anyone would Google for "Michigan voip", so every blog visitor started Googling for "michigan voip" to see what comes up.

This could definitely lead to Michigan VoIP being indexed more. That is people are finding out about people writing about the Michigan VoIP phenomenon and then Googling more. I don’t think that this would entirely solve the problem however, and this defiantly doesn’t reach the initial source, but may be combined with other theories.

  1. Because of the nice "Michigan Telephone, VoIP and Broadband" website, It works like this: "You know... there is this nice site about VoIP... don't remember the address... but it had to do with VoIP and there was something about Michigan..."

This could be a cause for the Michigan VoIP occurrence with VoIP Solution Keywords, but it would take a lottttt of resources like this to make Michigan VoIP such a popular search term.

  1. Because of the E911 lawsuit in Michigan against Vonage and/or the E911 surcharge VoIP users have to pay in Michigan.

This could be helping Michigan VoIP, but a lot of the searches that I did for Michigan VoIP E911 lawsuit found the case, but didn’t have Michigan VoIP in that precise syntax sequence. Michigan and VoIP were often spread out throughout the text.

So the mystery still remains about Michigan VoIP. Any ideas?

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

VoIP Globalization

Intele-Card News (subscription required) has an interesting article written by J. Scott Hamilton about the Globalization of VoIP. It says that the large amount of emigrant communities are allowing prepaid VoIP to grow. VoIP is attractive in countries outside of the U.S. A call from the U.S to Mexico only saves the caller 5 cents compared with a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). On the other hand, a call from Mexico to the U.S would save the caller 48 cents. However, tapping into this market has its downside. There are technical issues that can occur and regulations that must be followed. The local VoIP market is saturated, but In-Call advertising, which is next generation advertising that is placed within calls without being garish (and is highly effective) looks to be a promising way to break through the clutter. VoodooVox is a company that offers such features. For more information visit Intele-Card News.

Here at GRNVoIP we’re often dealing with technical issues that need to be resolved. Our staff is always working hard to keep the termination running smoothly. VoIP regulation can be a disaster for business. Look at the hard times Bangladesh has gone through in establishing VoIP call centers/ Businesses.

It’s great to see companies like VoodooVox thinking up new ways to earn revenue through In-Call Advertising. Especially advertising that isn’t annoying and grabs people’s attention. Advertising revenues are growing every year and people are getting more and more creative about where to place advertising such as putting ads in computer network’s SSID’s. It’s definitely an exciting market to keep track of. For example, look at Google Adwords, earning Google billions of dollars and helping companies get the word out with Adsense. Advertising whether we like them or not is evolving at a swift pace and finding new ways to reach its target audience. In inundated markets and with tough international regulations, it can be a companies’ best bet for profit margins.

~ Dilbert~