Wednesday, November 14, 2007

VoIP Globalization

Intele-Card News (subscription required) has an interesting article written by J. Scott Hamilton about the Globalization of VoIP. It says that the large amount of emigrant communities are allowing prepaid VoIP to grow. VoIP is attractive in countries outside of the U.S. A call from the U.S to Mexico only saves the caller 5 cents compared with a Public Switched Telephone Network (PSTN). On the other hand, a call from Mexico to the U.S would save the caller 48 cents. However, tapping into this market has its downside. There are technical issues that can occur and regulations that must be followed. The local VoIP market is saturated, but In-Call advertising, which is next generation advertising that is placed within calls without being garish (and is highly effective) looks to be a promising way to break through the clutter. VoodooVox is a company that offers such features. For more information visit Intele-Card News.

Here at GRNVoIP we’re often dealing with technical issues that need to be resolved. Our staff is always working hard to keep the termination running smoothly. VoIP regulation can be a disaster for business. Look at the hard times Bangladesh has gone through in establishing VoIP call centers/ Businesses.

It’s great to see companies like VoodooVox thinking up new ways to earn revenue through In-Call Advertising. Especially advertising that isn’t annoying and grabs people’s attention. Advertising revenues are growing every year and people are getting more and more creative about where to place advertising such as putting ads in computer network’s SSID’s. It’s definitely an exciting market to keep track of. For example, look at Google Adwords, earning Google billions of dollars and helping companies get the word out with Adsense. Advertising whether we like them or not is evolving at a swift pace and finding new ways to reach its target audience. In inundated markets and with tough international regulations, it can be a companies’ best bet for profit margins.

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