Friday, May 16, 2008

Network Neutrality as an Antitrust Issue?

Network Neutrality as an Antitrust Issue? wrote an article on May 13th 08 written by Robert Poe concerning network neutrality. In summary, John Conveyers has introduced a bill to Congress recently that would make network neutrality (the right for anyone to freely use the internet) to be an antitrust issue. If the internet is regulated and a company violates the new laws, then hefty fines through litigation would be imposed. An earlier bill proposed by Edward Markey would make network neutrality violations an FCC issue with common carrier rules that aren’t as hard to deal with as antitrust laws. Pushing this litigation will be hard for the congressmen because of the intensity of their campaigns. However, Comcast has given network neutrality media attention by blocking peer to peer downloading site Bit Torrent. Comcast eventually backed out of the situation. To read the entire article visit