Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sun Microsystems "Back In Black"

First off, Excuse me for diving right into this blog, I believe proper introductions are needed. This Blog is a compilation of GRNVoIP, staff thoughts about the VoIP industry and other events happening in related fields. You can call me the VoIPMan. I’m 22 years old, yes 22 and a VoIP Biz enthusiast. I come from a family of 7, and live in an apartment in NJ with my fiance Shannon. I commute to New York City via train. I like technology, the arts, (movies, music, films, writing, philosophy, books) history/world events, the environment , and to dabble in some other stuff here and there. I will be writing mostly about VoIP and related industries as described above, and will be throwing in as much of my personal insights as possible. Pardon me if I go off on tangents, I’m a big fan of abstraction.

So, Xchange Magazine, has an uplifting article about Sun Microsystems INC, written by Paula Bernier (subscription required) .The once giant in the Silicon Valley is making a comeback with their new CEO Jonathan Schwartz. He led a restructuring effort that cut headcount, consolidated real estate holdings, and lowered spending. Sun’s UltraSparc T2 chip (lowering power consumption), and Project Blackbox (mobile data center solution) will become available soon, and ready to boost profits. Sun’s Java technology is still holding strong and is synonymous with Sun in its Nasdaq stock ticker. Sun also maintains a close relationship with Google. Google is including Sun’s StarOffice suite, which is similar to Microsoft office but is open source like Solegy’s opensourcesip . Open Source applications are free to the public and can be developed by anyone. Which of course, is why they are so popular. You can read the full article in October’s Xchange Magazine.

I think that it’s great to see companies like Sun back in action. Innovative thinking is critical to surviving in a fast paced sector like technology. It’s important to keep up with news such as this (and exciting). In our business, we are always striving to emulate this model of cutting edge awareness.

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