Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Thinnovation Apple's Macbook Air bliss for the VoIP lover’s soul

Apple's Macbook air is strategically designed and innovative to say the least. It’s oober thin and doesn’t forgo all of the other features that Mac lover’s love, like that enormous mouse pad that dosen’t make you strain to get from point A to point B on your laptop, a built in webcam, and long battery life. Weighing in with 2GB of ram, a 1.6 ghz or 1.8ghz processor with the famed quad core duo processor, what more could you ask for?

Of course it will come at a hefty price tag at $1,800 or $3,000 for the 1.6 and the 1.8 ghz preorders respectively, they will still fly off the shelves. I personally won’t be able to join in on the action, but hmmm maybe I can... nahh you can’t sell organs on Ebay anymore. Maybe I’ll be able to get one once they have some refurbs up on their site. Apple is known for having refurbs that work really well, and all of their refurbs come with the Leopord upgrade. Cootos to Steve Jobs and Apple for continuing to innovate while most other computer manufacturer is sleeping. It’ll be coming with the Mac OSX Leopord upgrade of course, and users will see that purple space desktop wallpaper as they power up their Macbook Air’s. Why not make a VoIP call while your at it after your all set up. That’s all I need, a Macbook with VoIP and Adobe Photoshop, caramel macchiato, and a newspaper and I’m all set.

Where can apple go next? Maybe they will imbed Macbooks into our skin. Who knows. What I do know is that Apple is staying on the cutting edge of technology and they deserve what they are getting. Apple’s computer market share,(thanks in part to the Apple IPod) has risen from two percent to over eight percent and climbing reminiscing the days of IBM’s big blue vs. Apple and that super bowl ad with the big brother 1984 theme. Apple purports the American ideal of freedom, individuality, and creativity.

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