Wednesday, December 12, 2007

VoIP-CRM Systems The customer is always right.

VoIP-News has an article written by Cindy Waxer today about how CRM can be improved by VoIP’s low cost of implementation, increased productivity, and efficiency.

Cisco Systems INC. decided to join forces with Microsoft, using their Cisco Unified CRM Connector with Microsoft's Dynamics CRM 3.0 software. A Cisco IP phone now can be used with Microsoft’s CRM system, creating a three dimensional customer relationship management atmosphere. Other companies are also getting in on the action such as Contactual INC.

Leading to the CRM VoIP integration is VoIP’s ability to easily be remotely hosted and managed. The cost for a business to put together a CRM–VoIP solution is around $ 50,000- making it highly plausible for small businesses with small IT staffs.

Businesses are creating scalability using automated preview dialing with list management, call distribution, status reporting & calling scripts. Inbound screen pop-ups id incoming calls and customer info. Users can dial straight from records with Click-to-dial, and record activity. " They posses a cool quotient," according to Paul Greenberg, author of CRM at the Speed of Light.

However, VoIP Quality is a concern for businesses. Dropped calls, poor quality, and downtime can occur. Overall though, VoIP can add to the CRM experience.

I think that VoIP can greatly augment a CRM system. CRM is extremely important these days in a sea of services. Consumers have a hyper-choice of vendors to pick from, and a well organized and run CRM system can be all the difference. First impressions are especially critical with new customers. Companies only get to make one, and it’s usually always the most important. Fast response time and an aura of care will differentiate a company from competitors.

Average Call Duration (ACD) & Average Service Ratio (ASR) are always a concern. It's important to maintain the right relationships with VoIP providers to get the best VoIP quality as we do here.

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