Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Microsoft SP1 Service Pack For Small Business

Microsoft's SP1 Service Pack is aimed at small business IP- VOIP networks. The new service pack will have a setup wizard allowing for small businesses to hook up VoIP in minutes as opposed to days or weeks. SP1 also will enable businesses to obtain local VoIP numbers, which is great for yellow page listings and other directories. Microsoft will be looking to team up with IP-Vendors as they edge their way into the IP-VoIP small business market. They’ll be looking to control this market as they do with other software programs. A billion dollar monopoly lawsuit is nothing for them compared to the benefits of having 80-90 percent market share with their operating systems. Watch out for Microsoft in the IP-VoIP industry to try the same strategy. They may not even need the best solution; just the compatibility of programs alone will make them a big threat.

Response Point will give small businesses more control to set up features like adds, moves, and more. It uses voice activated recognition software for simplicity. It’ll be easy to access entire company directories form phones. Microsoft is coming out with a DVX 2000 version, Uniden Evolo, Quanta Syspine, and D-Link Version.

Some more criticism: Response point doesn’t support T1 Trunking which is very important. It doesn’t support Plain old telephone networks (POTS), and has problems with remote access.

Only the future will tell how Response Point pans out.

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