Friday, March 7, 2008

Wireless VoIP: Moving Beyond Traditional VoIP Networks

Wireless VoIP aka, WVoIP is an exciting area in the VoIP arena. It can be used over Wifi,EVDO Revision-A, HSDPA, and WiMAX. Callers aren’t limited to a single phone, and can use a headset, laptop, PDA, or a mobile-WiFi phone.

Wireless VoIP has a limited range despite its immense cost savings to mobile users. Also, It doesn’t always work well with WiFi networks originally engineered for data as opposed to voice packets. This gives current cell phone networks the advantage over wireless VoIP despite cost savings.

Tata Communications said that they are coming out with the largest WiMaX network to date. Telsima will build the network. Its supposed to cover over 110 cities with limited coverage and 15 with full coverage. Many of the areas covered don’t have access to broadband, and only about 3 million people in India have access to broadband networks out of a total population of 1.2 billion.

Three of the U.S WiMAX network providers include: MetroBridge Networks, which covers Arizona and Seatle, Clearwire which holds 2.5 GHZ licenses with a test market in the Northwest, (They plan to compete with other WiMAX providers nationwide), and Sprint-Nextel who also has 2.5 GHZ licenses, and they plan to cover Washington D.C , Baltimore, and Chicago.

With all of the competition WiMAX commands, the technology can only get better, and this is an exciting time for mobile phone users who want cheaper rates using wireless VoIP, especially for long distance calls only costing pennies.

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